Each year in Washington, fireworks cause injuries and fires. Don’t let your family become part of these statistics. Be prepared. Be Safe. Be Responsible.

Fireworks are an exciting part of every Fourth of July celebration, but with the colorful displays comes the potential for injury. Every year, hundreds of people end up in the emergency room due to injuries caused by the improper use and handling of fireworks. It’s important to be prepared, be safe and be responsible when enjoying fireworks. Click on the link below for fun activities to help you learn more about fireworks and how to celebrate safely this Fourth of July!

Activity Guide

Can you tell the difference between Illegal Fireworks and Illegal Explosive Devices? It could save a life!

Laws and rules have been implemented as necessary to ensure a minimum statewide standard of safety concerning the sale, manufacture, import, use, storage, discharge and display of fireworks in Washington State. These guidelines, along with the Educational Campaign, were developed in cooperation with the fireworks industry to raise public awareness in preventing fireworks-related injuries. Click on the link below for additional information regarding the Fireworks Enforcement Campaign:

Celebrate Legally Campaign Kit

Which fireworks are illegal in our state? These are listed as Consumer Fireworks but are illegal to sell, possess, and/or discharge within the State of Washington. They are legal to sell, possess and/or discharge on tribal lands: