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Firefighter/EMT Anthony Rhead

Two efighter Firefighter/EMT Anthony Rhead

Anthony started his fire service career as a volunteer EMT with Poulsbo Fire in 2004. In 2005, he joined District 2 as a Resident Firefighter, and was hired as a Career Firefighter/EMT in January 2009. Anthony works on several projects including Radio Programming and apparatus replacement. Anthony has successfully completed an Associated in Applied Science from Bellevue College and lives in Snohomish County with his wife and children.

Firefighter EMT Jeffery Yates

Firefighter EMT Jeffery Yates

Jeff started at Mason County Fire District 2 as a resident firefighter in 2005. He worked over the next two years as a resident firefighter/EMT before he was hired on full time in 2007. Jeff has been an acting lieutenant on his shift for several years and has aspirations to be an officer one day. He prides himself on being a well  rounded firefighter and loves sharing his knowledge and experience with others.  When Jeff is not at work, he enjoys spending time with wife and two daughters.

Firefighter/EMT Josh Hasbrook

Firefighter/EMT Josh Hasbrook

Josh Hasbrook grew up in Gig Harbor, WA where he graduated from Peninsula High School in 2004. Right after high school, in 2005, Josh started his venture in the Fire Service. He started as a volunteer with Key Peninsula Fire Department working his way up to a temporary firefighter position. While volunteering, Josh worked on getting his EMT certification as well as attending Bates Recruit Academy. In  January 2009 Josh was hired by North Mason Regional Fire Authority and has been here ever since. Josh now resides in Port Orchard with his beautiful wife Tera, daughter Emery and dog Brody.


Firefighter EMT Andrew Johnson

Firefighter/EMT Andrew Johnson

Drew Johnson came to North Mason Regional Fire Authority as a resident volunteer in the fall of 2010. He currently hails from Tacoma, WA. Drew has three siblings, including two sisters and one brother. He is a graduate from the prestigious University of Washington with a degree in Construction Management. Drew began his pursuit of becoming a career firefighter by attending EMT school and then shortly after graduating from the Bates Fire Academy. Drew was hired on as a career member in the summer of 2014. His hobbies include big game hunting, baseball spectating, and woodworking.


Firefighter/EMT Laura Friese

Firefighter/EMT Laura Friese

Laura’s career in the fire service began as a seasonal wildland firefighter in 2008 while attending Washington State University. She finished her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish shortly after, and continued to fight fires during the summers while working as a substitute teacher and coach throughout the school years. Laura spent a year and a half as a resident firefighter for East Olympia Fire District 6 before getting hired by the Fire Authority in spring of 2016. When not at work Laura likes to spend time on her family’s ranch in Lebam, Washington.

Firefighter/EMT Ryan Jones

Ryan started at Mason County Fire Dist. #2 as a volunteer resident firefighter/EMT in 2005. He also completed 4 years as a civilian firefighter working in Iraq and Afghanistan before returning to the US in 2013. For the next 2 years he continued to volunteer at NMRFA and work full time at CENCOM as a emergency dispatcher. He was then hired on full time with the department last year and recently completed his probationary period.

Thomas spent the beginning of his life in Louisville, Kentucky and his college years in inner city Chicago, Illinois. After completing college Thomas moved to Gig Harbor where he spent three years working as a youth pastor until he discovered the fire service. He went to Tacoma Community College where he gained his EMT credential and began serving with the North Mason Regional Fire Authority in October 2016 as a student firefighter. In February 2017 Thomas went to Bates Fire Academy and was soon hired in May 2017. He considers himself extremely lucky to work for the Fire Authority as a part of our team. In his spare time you can find him hiking through the mountains with his friends and family.

Firefighter/EMT Deric Klahr – Picture and Bio coming soon!